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Go flying in high Alpine scenery

You are gliding silently through the air with the beautiful Alpine landscape stretching out beneath you. You are soaring smoothly through the air – seemingly effortless. You are inhaling the fresh mountain air and can feel it close up. You are right there, living the moment, more intensely than for a long time. Now. Nothing else counts.

At Garmisch-Partenkirchen, you can look forward to breathtaking flights and fantastic views, as it offers some of the best paragliding and hang gliding mountains in Germany.

Mount Wank is one of the mountains with the best thermal activity. From here, cross-country flights of over 100 kilometres and hours of thermal flights are not rare. You will enjoy fantastic birds-eye views of the lush green meadows of the Estergebirge range and the rugged rocks of the Wetterstein mountain range. But both Mount Osterfelderkopf and Mount Hausberg also offer excellent take-off sites for memorable flights. No matter whether you want to have a quiet glide down to the valley, whether you want to make the most of the thermals or go cross-country on to several peaks – the Garmisch-Partenkirchen flying area offers just the right thing for every taste.

Want to just fly along?

Take off and enjoy – even as an absolute beginner. The easiest way of getting airborne is a tandem flight with a flying instructor as your private pilot.