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Mountaineering + Climbing

A climbing paradise for beginners and the experienced

Rugged rock faces, ridges and turrets - the magical fascination can be felt immediately. Whether you are a newcomer, an experienced mountaineer or a passionate climber – you will find Garmisch-Partenkirchen a paradise at the edge of the sky, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views and at the foot of Mount Zugspitze. The mountains rise up to almost 3.000 meters, rugged with deep gorges, with high Alpine pastures embedded in the mountains and rocky summits surmounting everything. Breathtakingly beautiful. Everything you could hope for.

The Herrgottschrofen and Gelbe Wände climbing parks offer tempting routes with various grades of difficulty for beginners and experts alike.Hold by hold you will experience the fascination of this fantastic sport in the Oberreintal valley.The unique terrain, right next to Mount Zugspitze, offers distinctly Alpine, though well secured routes.

But you do not need to be a passionate climber in order to find access to the world of hooks and ropes.Around Mount Alpspitze there are some of the most beautiful fixed rope routes in the Wetterstein mountain range.An ideal mountain for Alpinists.It rewards you with fantastic views of the surrounding mountain ranges.Hikers who are sure of step and have a good head for heights can experience completely new views and dimensions.The complete climbing equipment (including helmet, chest and sitting harness and karabiner) is absolutely essential for these tours.

The highlight is "Alpspitz-Ferrata“. Once at the top, every mountain lover will immediately understand why this 2,628 meter high mountain is known as the jewel of the Werdenfelser Land region: You will enjoy an incomparable view far into the Loisachtal valley! And on the other side down into the Höllental valley, where, on clear days, you can watch mountaineers on their way up to Zugspitze. Fantastic moments.

Not enough for you? Experienced mountaineers get dewy-eyed, when they hear about Jubiliäumsgrat. This is one of the most spectacular ridge routes of the Eastern Alps—and one of the most challenging. Here, even mountaineers with good fitness levels and Alpine experience reach their limits. Perfect!

What weather!

Sometimes there are days, on which the weather is not quite perfect for climbing: A great opportunity to work on your technique, including endurance and muscle training. Covering an area of approximately 350 square meters, the "Boulderhalle" offers perfect training conditions for every climbing level.

GaPa Tourenplaner

Aktuelle Informationen rund ums Wandern sowie ein umfangreiches Archiv an verschiedenen Wanderrouten findest du in unserem GaPa Tourenplaner. Ausführliche Streckenbeschreibungen, Hinweise zu Gehzeiten und Schwierigkeitsgrad, Luftbilddarstellungen und übersichtliche Höhenprofile sowie viele Tipps zum Rasten und Einkehren führen dich zu den schönsten Zielen rund um Garmisch-Partenkirchen.