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The capital of joie de vivre

München (Munich) is not only a metropolis of art and culture, but also the capital of joie de vivre. In no other German metropolis can you feel the pure joy of life like here! This is particularly true for the warm summer months, when tables and chairs are put outside and you can simply soak up the atmosphere in the mild air and southern light. Italian moments right here in Germany – and still, typically Bavarian, sincere and warm.

And then how about a bit of retail therapy. Stroll down the beautiful Maximilianstrasse, famous shoppers’ paradise. Elegant shops, extravagant galleries and a metropolitan variety of shops turn the shopping trip into a great temptation. This is also true on a culinary level: whether it is the cafés Dallmayr, Käfer or the “Viktualienmarkt” food market in the heart of the city, Munich means gourmet. Another big asset of Munich is of course its rich cultural offerings. Munich’s theatres, such as the Nationaltheater, are some of Germany’s most renowned venues.

Munich’s art scene is just as impressive. Alongside numerous galleries, there is a variety of museums. Everything from prehistoric artifacts, ancient and medieval items to contemporary objects can be admired here. Or, just enjoy yourself. Similarly impressive is the “Deutsches Museum”, the world’s largest museum of technology and natural science.

After an eventful day wandering through the city and admiring its attractions, you should visit a typical Bavarian beer garden. It can’t be beaten. A traditional meal and a Mass beer or a glass of wine – live can be so beautiful. And so simple.


Oktoberfest takes place every year. For many it is the epitome of Munich. But only few know the origins of this world famous funfair. The occasion that gave rise to the Oktoberfest dates back almost 190 years: The wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig to Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen. To the joy of the people of Munich and the surrounding area, the celebrations were repeated on the Theresienwiese in memory of the event. "O'zapft is!“