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Above the clouds

You are standing on top of Mount Zugspitze, at the golden summit crucifix, at a height of nearly 3000 metres. The air is pure, the views seem endless and the panorama is breathtaking. You left behind any disturbing thoughts that you may have had in the valley. The only things around you are the sky, mighty summits and mere vastness. You are standing at the highest point of Germany – happy and inspired by the high-Alpine setting.

Mount Zugspitze (2962 m above sea level) is a part of the Wetterstein Mountain Range in the northern limestone Alps. Here, the German and Austrian mountains are joined and two of the German glaciers, Schneeferner and Höllentalferner, are here as well.

Moreover, an important part of the mountaineering history was made here at Mount Zugspitze: On behalf of the Bavarian royal topographic bureau, Lieutenant Josef Naus climbed to the summit on 27 August 1820, in which he was accompanied by his topographic assistant Maier and the mountain guide Johan Georg Deuschl. However, it is likely that locals already conquered the summit 50 years earlier. There are at least hints for this assumption to be found in the historic maps. However, one thing remains true: Due to its rough beauty, Mount Zugspitze is an impressive experience.


The peak for mountain lovers

  • Panoramic view over four countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy)
  • Germany’s only glacier skiing area
  • Germany’s highest-altitude church, consecrated by cardinal J. Ratzinger
  • Hike to the Zugspitze via the Reintal Valley and take the climbing tour via the Höllental Valley
  • Border crossing to Austria/Tyrol

Great emotions in a breathtaking setting

If you are looking for a very special place to say "Yes" , Mount Zugspitze is the perfect place for your wedding.