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Historic Partenkirchen

Each step leads you further into history

Walking through the historic centre of Partenkirchen, each step leads you further into long past times. Follow the tracks of the fresco painter Heinrich Bickel who decorated the „Fraundorfer“ inn in the Ludwigstraße with the gorgeous country wedding.

Nearby, you will also find the local Werdenfels Museum. Miraculously, the former merchant’s building was not impaired by the big fire of 1865. Nowadays, the history of the Werdenfels region is on exhibit over five floors. At the southern end of the Ludwigstraße, you will see the Old House, which is supposed to have its origin in the times of the emperor Barbarossa.

A few steps further down you will see the Fraundorfer inn. In this cosy inn, which is the most famous inn of Upper Bavaria, Bavarian tradition almost gets tangible.

Now, your tour will lead you to the Simon House where Archangel Michael keeps watch with his flaming sword and the lily. You will pass the "Gasthof zum Rassen“ and the parish church, the fountain at the church square with the two mountain huntsmen in the traditional costumes of Partenkirchen, and you will arrive at the church of St. Sebastian with the former cemetery for plague victims.

You see: In historic Partenkirchen, you actually walk on the tracks of history.