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GaPa accessibly

Information for wheelchair user


  • Marienapotheke, Ludwigstraße 86
  • Enzian-Apotheke, Rathausplatz 2
  • Bahnhof-Apotheke, Bahnhofstraße 36
  • St. Martins Apotheke, am Kurpark (at the spa gardens)
  • St. Antonius Apotheke, Klammstraße 1
  • Promenade Apotheke, Alpspitzstraße 1

Physicians on call
Tel: 01805/191212 (€ 0.14/min)

Train station
The station is wheelchair-accessible.
The Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) offers to help handicapped persons to get onto the train or change trains. Please notify the BRK in advance by phone: +49 8821/94312-0).

Banks and ATMs

  • HypoVereinsbank, Ludwigstraße
  • HypoVereinsbank, Am Kurpark (at the spa gardens)
  • Kreissparkasse, at the corner of Ludwigstraße and Sonnenbergstraße. The ATM is accessible.
  • ATM of the Kreissparkasse, Rathausplatz 2
  • Kreissparkasse, Bahnhofstraße 40 + 42. The rear entrance is suitable for wheelchairs. The ATMs are only accessible during the bank's business hours
  • ATM of the Kreissparkasse, Zugspitzstraße
  • Deutsche Bank, Bahnhofstraße 21
  • Sparda Bank, Bahnhofstraße 46
  • VR Bank at the corner of Bahnhofstraße and Chamonixstraße

Taxis and transport services

Our "Handicap Taxi" has a ramp so that wheelchair users who cannot be seated in the car's seats can to be transported in their wheelchair.

  • Train station, Tel: +49 8821/1616 or +49 8821/19410
  • Marienplatz, Tel: +49 8821/2408 or +49 8821/2409

Leisure time activities, culture and sports

  • Kongresshaus (Congress Centre), Richard-Strauss-Platz (wheelchair accessible toilets are available)
  • Kongresshaus (Congress Centre), U1 stage (lift and wheelchair accessible toilets are available)
  • Kurpark (spa gardens) Garmisch (the spa gardens are accessible by wheelchair only via the Richard-Strauss-Platz (square)).
  • Spielbank (Casino) at the Kurpark (lift and wheelchair accessible toilets are available)
  • Olympia-Eissport-Zentrum (Olympic Ice Sports Centre), west entrance (lift and wheelchair accessible toilets are available)
  • Olympia-Skistadion (Olympic Skiing Stadium) (wheelchair accessible toilet is available))
  • Alpspitz-Wellenbad wave pool (unfortunately, the sauna area is not accessible by wheelchair)


All restaurants listed here are accessible by wheelchair and wheelchair accessible toilets are available.

Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts


  • Klinikum (hospital) Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Auenstraße 6, Tel.: +49 8821/77-0
  • Kinderklinik der Rummelsberger Anstalten e. V. der Inneren Mission und Rheumaklinik für Kinder (paediatric rheumatology clinic), Gehfeldstraße 24, Tel.: +49 8821/701-0

Ambulance service and transport of disabled persons

  • Rainer Huch Tel: +49 172/8568727
  •  Karl Gerum Tel: +49 8821/76744

Emergency services

  • Police Tel: 110
  • Fire brigade Tel: 112
  • Rescue Service Tel: 1 92 22
  • Police station Tel: +49 8821/9170

Post office

  • Main Post Office at the Bahnhofsplatz (Please use the bell on the east side, service is only possible at the entrance)
  • Post office in the supermarket "Feneberg", Klammstraße 7
  • Post office in the store "Möckl- Equipment für Küche und Bad", Ludwigstraße 42

Parking spaces for wheelchair users - Number of parking spaces

  • Landratsamt, Olympiastraße 10 (1 parking space)
  • Skistadion / Skiing Stadium (6 parking spaces)
  • Badgasse, underground parking (2 parking spaces)
  • Rathaus / town hall, Rathausplatz (3 parking spaces)
  • Rathaus / town hall, Rathausstraße (1 parking space)
  • Marienplatz (1 parking space)
  • Kongresshaus /Congress Centre (2 parking spaces)
  • Hauptpostamt / Main Postal Office (1 parking space)

Parking spaces for wheelchair users - Number of parking spaces

  • Klinikum / hospital  numerous parking spaces are available for wheelchair users
  • At the corner of Schnitzschulstraße/Jahnstraße (1 parking space)
  • At the corner of Ludwigstraße, Mittenwalder Straße/Dr.-Wigger-Straße (1 parking space)
  • Ludwigstraße (5 parking spaces)
  • Enzianstraße (2 parking space)
  • At the corner of Partnachstraße/Von-Brug-Straße (1 parking space)
  • Von-Brug-Straße (1 parking space)
  • Von-Brug-Straße, parking garage GEP shopping centre (2 parking spaces)
  • Chamonixstraße (1 parking space)
  • Olympia-Eissport-Zentrum / Olympic Ice Sports Centre (4 parking spaces)
  • Alpspitz Wellenbad / wave pool (2 parking spaces)
  • Klammstraße (2 parking spaces)
  • Klammstraße, underground parking at the Feneberg-Haus (1 parking space)
  • Spielbank / Casino, parking garage (6 parking spaces)
  • At the corner of Druckergasse and pedestrian zone (2 parking spaces)
  • Bankgasse (2 parking spaces)
  • Mohrenplatz (2 parking spaces)
  • Schmiedstraße (1 parking space)
  • Alpspitzstraße (1 parking space)
  • Base terminal of the Hausbergbahn cable car (2 parking spaces)
  • Base terminal of the Kreuzeckbahn cable car (2 parking spaces)
  • Kainzenbad / natural swimming pool (2 parking spaces)
  • Maximilianstraße / Gröben-Stadion (3 parking spaces)

Medical stores including wheelchair rental

If you intend to hire a wheelchair and other equipment, please contact:

  • Bayerisches Rotes Kreuz (the Bavarian Red Cross), Fürstenstraße 11, Tel: +49 8821/94321–0
  • Sanitätshaus (medical store) Orthofer, Ludwigstraße 101, Tel: +49 8821/4519, 
  • Sanitätshaus (medical store) Streifeneder, Klammstraße 7, Tel: +49 8821/943900–0
  • Sanitätshaus (medical store) Hinrichsen, Zugspitzstraße 13, Tel: +49 8821/1375

Toilets accessible by wheelchairs

  • Public toilet at the Marienplatz square at the corner of Alpspitz- and Kreuzstraße (you need a CBF key* to access the toilet)
  • Public toilet at the corner of Ballengasse and Ludwigstraße (you need a CBF key* to access the toilet)
  • Olympia-Skistadion (Olympic Skiing Stadium) south entrance (you need a CBF key* to access the toilet)
  • At the entrance to the Michael-Ende Spa Gardens in Garmisch and one toilet in the park behind the music pavillon - only during the summer months (you need a CBF key* to access the toilet, the key is available at the Tourist Information across the square)
  • Olympia-Eissport-Zentrum (Olympic Ice Sports Centre) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen (the toilet is only open during the Centre's opening hours and during events, you need a special key (CBF key) which is available at the ticket office at the West entrance)
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen Train Station (you need a CBF key* to access the toilet)
  • Hausbergbahn cable car (base- and top terminal, key is available at the ticket office, open only during the opening hours of the cable car)
  • Kreuzeckbahn cable car (base- and top terminal, key is available at the ticket office, open only during the opening hours of the cable car)
  • Jugendzentrum (youth centre), Kankerweg (during opening hours)
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen town hall (during opening hours)
  • Kongresshaus (Congress Centre) (open only during events)
  • GEP shopping centre in Garmisch (during the opening hours)
*The CBF key is available with the CBF Darmstadt e.V. (registered society) Pallaswiesenstraße 123a, 64293 Darmstadt, Tel: +49 6151/81220 ( It costs EUR 18 and it is also usable for all disabled toilets at German motorway rest stops.

Telephone boxes

  • Landratsamt (district administration), Olympiastraße 10
  • Hauptpostamt (Main Postal Office), Bahnhofsplatz square