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Aschenbrenner Museum

Where can you find pugs enthroned on pillows? Where can porcelain figures dance? Where do dolls embark on railway journeys? And where else can you see the Nativity narrated by hand-carved works of art? The Aschenbrenner Museum takes you back into a bygone world.

The ground floor welcomes you with Baroque music - fitting for porcelain exhibits from the 18th century. The atmosphere on the 1st floor is altogether different – childish and happy instead of courtly and elegant. Here you'll find a hands-on history of dolls: from the very first paper-mâché dolls to the deluxe Barbie in her glittery silver dress. In the new and modern building you can also enjoy numerous artfully designed Christmas cribs.

Opening hours:

Museum Aschenbrenner
Loisachstr. 44

Tue - Sun from 11:00 am - 5:00 pm