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New Year’s Day Ski Jumping Competition at Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The first hunt starts - reaching for longer jumps on January 1

Garmisch-Partenkirchen the new sports year  starts with the New Year’s Day Ski Jumping of the World’s elite on January 1. It’s traditionally the second competition after Oberstdorf within the so-called Four Hills Tournament.

At the stadium, you are in close touch with this world-class event. This is the most thrilling start into the New Year. The tension grows among the spectators when the athletes stand at the start tower and then enter the run track. They jump off at the beacon and start to fly - so elegant and apparently weightless.Finally, they are landing with a perfect telemark. More than 20.000 spectators cheer out loud. And you are in the middle of these fans.

The historic Four Hills Tournament is said to be the absolute highlight of the Ski Jumping season. Everything started in the summer of 1949 at the parlor of the Home of the Maier family,  located at the Partenkirchen Ludwigstraße. Buddies practising ski jumping of Innsbruck and Partenkirchen met there and developed the idea for a ski jump tournament. A few years later, in 1953 the first tournament was started with the New Year’s competition - enormously successful.


We recommend buying your tickets very early! You’ll get them directly at the advance sale of the Organizing Committee for the New Year’s Jump. Phone: ++49 8821 - 9080-0 or online at as well as at GAP-Ticket (Phone: +49  8821 730 1995).

A tip for a smooth arrival to the event:

We recommend using the comfortable arrival by train. On 31.12.2018 and 1.1.2019 many regional trains stop at the station "Kainzenbad" directly at the Stadium.

Photo by: OK Four Hills Tournament, Ingo Jensen