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Holiday for your health

Take a deep breath - and hike on! The gentle movements, the pure air and the marvellous atmosphere - all this is really good! No wonder: Garmisch-Partenkirchen can offer very rare climatic conditions that are able to work miracles. The atmosphere is low in allergens, it is only rarely foggy, there are hardly any hot and humid days, but, on the other hand, the sunny days are extraordinarily frequent. Garmisch-Partenkirchen has been classified as a “Premium Class Spa Town with a Healing Climate” which shows that the town is able to fulfil the high quality standards.

However, pure air is not all we have to offer. When you come here for a cure, a programme awaits you that is specially designed for you to get fit. We also have on offer: perfect conditions. Our speciality is exercise therapy in our healing climate – also called climatic cure or field therapy. The principle is simple: Exercise in the fresh air increases your fitness! You and your specialised physicians check your resilience. Then, our climatic cure therapists select your hiking routes on that basis - individually designed according to your physical condition. Afterwards, you will not be left alone: your personal therapist accompanies you on your hiking trips and cares for you.

Just relax and try!
You can try the effect of hiking in a healing climate for you – with your pampering (cure) package! Our cure physicians as well as the employees and trainers of our health team will be happy to advise you on which tours are best for you!

When the weather starts to play up…

...many of us feel downright sick. According to various studies, almost 50% of the interviewees stated that the weather influences health and that being sensitive to weather changes is not something that people just make up.

But what can you do if the body no longer adapts to the respective climate on its own? The combination of stamina training and thermo regulation training can cure meteoropathic people from their symptoms in the long run if it is practised regularly and integrated into everyday life.

What helps
According to Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Angela Schuh, medicinal climatologist at LMU University Munich, sensitivity to weather changes is caused by a lack of training of the whole body. The body no longer is able to quickly adapt to the various weather situations. Therefore, according to the knowledge available today, it is necessary to help the body by means of thermo regulation training and mild stamina training. The appropriate combination of both of these supports the immune system and improves the functions of the cardiovascular system.

The treatment to cure sensitivity to weather changes, developed in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dr. med. Angela Schuh, takes advantage of the special features of Garmisch-Partenkirchen being a Premium Class Spa Town with a Healing Climate as well as the experiences of decades of climatic cures. This week with its comprehensive cure and leisure time activities boosts your health holistically and increases your well-being. Just try it! Our health team will be glad to assist you.